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加入时间: May 3, 2010

Competition Photography:

Won 1st prize in Dreamstime July 17th 2018 competition theme 'Inside The Team'

Over the years, my artwork has been used on the front covers and content of various textbooks, novels, e-books & websites including:

Three Sisters by Rita Schulz

Understanding Mortgages by Jim Muriithi Nyagah

Quantitative Analysis for Management by Barry Render

The resilience Imperative by Michael Lewis & Pat Conaty

Openlearn by The Open University

The Incredible Shrinking Gospel by Lee Wyatt

The Little Book of Small-Space Gardening by Kay Maguire

Logic-A Very Short Introduction by Graham Priest

Double Blind by Tiffany Pitts

The Big Book of Things That Go by DK

RHS Little Book of Small Space Gardening by Kate McGuire

Les Voies du Bonheur Conjugal by Jose Mpongo Ponte

Markwell Windows -

CMO Australia -

I continually strive to be more creative and innovative with my work, always looking for ways to turn the everyday things around us into something a little bit more interesting,bizarre or totally out of the box!============================================

Disclaimer: The ideas and concepts portrayed in some of my photographic work do not necessarily promote or endorse my own personal views and beliefs but have been designed purely for stock photography purposes.
Conceptual photography is my passion, using Photoshop to bring my designs and illustrations to life! A large proportion of my sales come through conceptual photography as businesses love to promote their ideas and products using this type of photography. It's a very unique and interesting way of making your mark in this very competitive field. Much of my work has been used on front covers of novels, financial books, websites etc. I also enjoy printing my own work and commissioned pieces onto high quality framed canvases...specialising particularly in large pieces of wall art, as this has great visual impact!



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