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Carlos Perez


Miami, United States

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加入时间: January 4, 2014


Carlos Perez, born in Havana Cuba, is a Photographer and Graphic Designer. He started is career in 1998 and migrated to the United States, Miami Ft. Lauderdale area, in 2006.

Carlos began his career in the online media space in 1998 as a Team Leader in a Multimedia Group in Cuba. Recently he has worked for some of the largest online portals, such as His photography portfolio includes images for TV y Novelas Dub Magazine, The NY Times, Covers for East Magazine, Ads for Times Square, local magazines and newspapers and in 2008, and an ad in the Superbowl as part of the creative team for cash for gold. His style is very versatile, from fashion to commercial he always stamps his unique seal in every image and still draws a lot of his inspiration from his routes in Cuba.

He is also the founder of Media Ingenious, with specialization in the areas of Media Creation, Advertising and Printing Services.
Canon 7d


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