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As a long-time Maui resident, I create stunning images of this Island that I love. Whether clinging to the open door of a helicopter or hiking to distant tropical waterfalls, I capture all the beauty this glorious island has to offer.

Our relaxed island life is on full display in many of my images. Cultural and recreational pursuits abound in others. A soft sea breeze and warm white sands can easily be imagined when viewing her beach photography.
For years I have travelled the world bringing back images of exotic places, but I always returned to my favorite place on Earth, Maui.

No longer satisfied with billboards, magazines, and print advertising; Denise has now created the Maui Dream Photo tm series to share her passion for these islands on a more personal level.

You too, can now own the memory of these islands through these magnificent photographs.
Nikon D2XS
Stock Photography, People Photography,Travel & Tourism Photography, Beach photography, Portraits for you, your family and friends, Real Estate Photography, Professional Headshots, Photos for websites and I provide fine art packages for homes and condos


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图像供稿人 Kahului, United States, United States

 捣Kahului海湾的海岸在毛伊海岛上的海浪鸟瞰图在夏威夷 图库摄影 捣Kahului海湾的海岸在毛伊海岛上的海浪鸟瞰图在夏威夷 -一辆机场警车在Kahului机场 库存照片 -一辆机场警车在Kahului机场 Kahului机场(OGG)在毛伊,夏威夷 免版税库存图片 Kahului机场(OGG)在毛伊,夏威夷 Kahului港口鸟瞰图在Kahului旁边镇的毛伊` s东部海岸的 免版税库存照片 Kahului港口鸟瞰图在Kahului旁边镇的毛伊` s东部海岸的 Kahului海湾和市鸟瞰图Kahului在毛伊,夏威夷,有一架小飞机的翼的 免版税图库摄影 Kahului海湾和市鸟瞰图Kahului在毛伊,夏威夷,有一架小飞机的翼的 -一辆机场警车在Kahului机场 库存照片 -一辆机场警车在Kahului机场 Kahului机场(OGG)在毛伊,夏威夷 库存照片 Kahului机场(OGG)在毛伊,夏威夷Kahului,毛伊 库存照片Kahului,毛伊 在毛伊海岸的大岩石在夏威夷 免版税库存照片 在毛伊海岸的大岩石在夏威夷