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El Tarf, Algeria

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Well, I’m not an engineer in architecture who created a building plan. I'm not a doctor who examines the sick. I’m not a teacher who teaches people. It’s just me, Oualid Amirat born in august 1985 in ANNABA, ALGERIA. I had a childhood in the beautiful place cold TONGA, its international reserve protected is one of the national parks of Algeria, in the extreme north-east of the country. It is home to several lakes (including Lake Tonga, whose name is unrelated to Tonga) and a unique ecosystem in the Mediterranean basin, it was created in 1983 and recognized as a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 1990. The park is threatened by the creation of a highway in Algeria, which would threaten the rare animals and plants of the park. It has been proposed that the highway should avoid this region and go further south.
Nikon D5000

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