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I was born and raised in Liege, Belgium by a Belgian father and a British mum where I studied and graduated as a graphic designer. During those studies, I picked up photography and practised self-schooling myself in order to do my various design assignments and jobs. Straight after graduating, I landed a 9-5 office job in Brussels as an internal Graphic Designer. But after 2 years in that job, I just quit everything including my apartment and job and booked a return ticket for two months to Chile, I finally never took back that return ticket and stayed here.

I started out as a graphic designer in Santiago, and discovered surfing and Pichilemu, three hours from the Chilean capital. After only two months in Santiago, I moved and settled in Pichilemu on the Chilean coast, the capital of Chilean surf and well known for it's best wave: Punta de Lobos. From there, I started to shoot the surf and surfers with a lousy but faithful Canon 300D with a short 300 mm tele-lens. Chile being a country with a very young and developing surfing history (20-30 years of surf in Chile in comparison to Peru's over 100 years old history).

The surf scene was and still is very small and progressing. We're very few surf photographers in this country. I just picked it up and have since never stopped. I also won in 2006, the Billabong XXL Paddle Award with Diego Medina who caught a monster 30 foot wave in Punta de Lobos that I caught on film, that was the biggest wave run by paddle in the world during that year.

I also shoot a lot of travel pics between Europe and Latin America, speaking five languages helps a lot, the odd weddings for friends and other sports like Windsurf, Kitesurf and Skate.
Canon EOS 30D


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