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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Palash khan was born in Dhaka 1985. He took up photography as a profession in 2003. He completed diploma in Photography from Bangladesh Photography Institute and Videography from Pathshala, the South Asian Institute of Photography. Palash currently works as a staff photojournalist in The Daily Star newspaper.

His work has been featured in over 30 major international publications including: New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago tribune, The Telegraph, LIFE magazine, Le monde, GlobalPost, The Independent, BBC, CNN, Bangkok Post, Le point, Le Figaro, The wall street journal, The Gazette, Observer, The Straits Times, , Boston, CBC News, The state, Herald de Paris, China daily, Courier, WN, tv5, DW, abcnews, cbc news, CBS news, Daily motion, Radio France International, Asia News, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Paris News, India Gazette, The Time Asia, The Times UK, khaleej times, channel news asia, Courier mail , outlook india , The Huffington Post, The Australian, Local uk News, Courrierdelouest, Global BC, DirectMatin, Internazionale, 20minutes, The New Zealand Herald, news24, dailytimes, Foto Telegraf, Siasat, Defence, Brandon Sun, la nouvelle republique, Upsides, Townhall Magazine, The Daily Star, The New Age, Forum, 570 news, kens5,, courrierdelouest, thenational, khou, rianovosti, onepakistan, ladepeche, pmnews, blackchristiannews, 24hmontreal, The Epoch Time, lechorepublicain,, lepopulaire, lamontagne, anbamoscow, leparisien, planet, corsematin,, zeit online ,bigstort AP, uutisaalto, newstime, arabtimes, the blaze, straitstimes, The globe and mail, Sunday Monitor, Sunday Time, Tha daily Statman, The Express Tribune, Bradenton Herald, The Wichita Tagle, The Vancouver Sun, Greenwich Time, The monitor, etc.


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