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I have played with photography on and off most of my life. Starting with a Kodak Brownie in grade school where my father taught me to develop film and print the images using a home-made enlarger in a family bathroom/darkroom. Following several life changing events, I chose to develop my passion further and the fruit of my love is now being presented. I find pleasure in taking a moment in time and turning it into something memorable. My favorite subjects include wildlife, landscapes, botanicals, and agriculture. I strive to excite the viewer’s senses through drawing them into the image, capturing the unique or tickling their sense of humor. The majority of my photographs are taken free hand without the use of a tripod. Regardless of the image, I keep the use of Photoshop to a minimum. I will correct the horizon since I have problems holding my camera level. When looking at my photographs, see if you can find something whimsical. There may be a spider or fly sitting discreetly on a flower or a fisherman that looks oddly like “Big Foot”, then again maybe a grin on a Longhorn’s face.
Canon equipment
My favorite subjects include wildlife, landscapes, botanicals, and agriculture


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