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Nick Martucci is a freelance photographer who began his career at the age of 14. Growing up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, he was consumed with the idea of travel and "city life." These themes continue to be an influence on his work to this day. He strives to capture memories of his travels as well as share the thoughts, feelings and emotions he experienced during his journeys.

Nick feels that photography can help all of us learn the virtue of patience. As an artist, it forces him to study his subject and capture not only what is seen...but what is felt. To the viewer, his work shows the world that passes us by every day from a new perspective. Whether through digital manipulation, color saturation, or simply composing a shot from a non-traditional point of view, even the simplest of subjects compels us to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Nick uses both film and digital media, using Canon cameras and lenses. His film work appeals to his meticulous nature and keeps his technical photo skills sharp. The digital side of photography requires him to keep his computer talents up-to-date and forces him to constantly learn new technology. As the line between film and digital blurs, his work will progressively become more digital-based.
Canon 7D

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