Francesco Antonino Fogliani


Paternò, Italy

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加入时间: March 25, 2017

Born in Paternò (CT) I graduated from classical high school and later the technical and commercial maturity. I undertook legal studies at the Faculty of law of Catania, arguing with success some tests and then interrupting his university studies. I started working for many years in the construction field and I deal with General construction. For many years both work but especially for passion I dedicate myself to photography, not neglecting literature and art in General.
Nikon D60; Nikkor 18-55mm; Nikkor 55-200mm; Nikkor 50mm f1.8; 35mm f1.8 Nikon D3200: Nikkor 18-105mm Canon EOS 700D: 18-55mm IS STM
Landscapes, monuments, nature, objects, abstracts, buildings


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