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Hi! My name is Jennifer and I write my bios in the first person. I began my educational career at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I earned both an Associate and Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Graphic Design. I continued on with Full Sail University to achieve a Media Design Master of Fine Arts and I have an Internet Marketing Master of Science in progress.

I have been a photographer for nearly 15 years and finds that it blends perfectly well with my educational choices. With the combined skills, I am able to take your project from conception to completion, all in house. There is no need to hire multiple providers for your project. With expertise in photography, graphic design, corporate branding, guerrilla marketing and internet marketing, I can take your business to a whole new level.

Discounts available for nonprofit organizations, youth sports teams and family readiness groups. These discounts range from 5-10% depending on the event size and are given back via a donation check from That One Design Studio to help your organization plan more activities.
I love photographing cemeteries and urban decay


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