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Les Agettes, Switzerland

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Hi There, I've been lucky enough to be able to live for the last 20 years in the Alps, French, German and finally Swiss. I spend most of my time in the mountains, skiing, ski touring, climbing, mountain biking speed skiing, depending on the season... and generally I take my camera along with me. A lot of my images are in some way related to the alps, but like most other people here I suspect, I enjoy taking portraits and also photos of my travels. I adopt a couple of themes to my photos in the Alps. One is the aesthetic approach, the raw beauty of the alps, the purity of the glaciers, the tranquility of inaccessible mountains where nature rules and man is an infrequent visitor. Also there's the approach of how we interact with the mountains. Hopefully a bit of what I'm trying to convey will seep through from the lens to the viewers screen. I guess it's a way of sharing the experience. All the best, Neil
Nikon D7000, D300, D70S, D300 + a room full of lenses
mountain, nature, sport, portraits, classic art, ancient mosaics


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