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Quebec, Canada

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Passionate about photography for a few years, I continue my journey experiencing the art according to my findings. Self-taught amateur photographer and it is with great interest that I read and practice the picture to improve.

Flora, fauna and landscapes are my main sources of inspiration. For me, photography is used to special moments immortalized. Always on the lookout for a special scene, a magical moment or even banalities of life time, I try to make all this interesting to the eyes of others.

I love discovering the seasons everything around me. In these moments, I want to capture the atmosphere there.

Just recently, I made the discovery of digital painting. This process opened a lot of my ability to make up to my artistic sense.
Nikon D7000 Nikkor VR 18-105mm lens Nikkor VR 55-200mm lens Nikkor VR 70-300mm lens Flash

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