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East Garafraxa, Canada

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加入时间: June 9, 2015


Hello! My name is Nathan Masters. I come to you with a lifelong passion for photography, and capturing that precious memory on camera. My passion for photography exploded when I first got my very own point and shoot film camera. I went all over my families farm taking images of the beautiful scenery on the farm. I love taking images all around me, and learning about the subject that I am photographing whether that a flower or a couple. Learning about an individual, couple, or family allows me to best capture their personality or relationship through my photos. Through just one of my landscape photographs, I can tell someone how I am feeling, or where I have been traveling. After high school, I studied photography at college, which further enhanced my skills, and was a great inspiration to me. I obtained a diploma in Digital Photography and Imaging from Georgian College in Barrie. Today, I still have that same passion for photography as I did when I first picked up a camera. Even through the health challenges I have faced. I enjoy a wide variety of photography from portraits to intimidating macro shots. The earth upon which we live has so many beautiful elements; we sometimes forget to capture the smallest of creations. I tend to look for beauty all around me. I can find it in the most unexpected places if I just take the time to search for it.
Canon 6D, 100 mm macro F/2.8 24-105mm L series F4
macro subjects, flowers, birds, people,

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 Gerbia Daisie 免版税库存图片 Gerbia Daisie  daisie 免版税库存图片 daisie

图像供稿人 East Garafraxa, Canada, Canada

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