Yaroslav Zaitsev


Zhashkiv, Ukraine

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加入时间: March 20, 2016

My work in the style art drag design.
Higher education - Biotechnology, pharmaceutical production. Worked as an operator preparing injectable forms of medicines and chemist organic synthesis, in several organizations. Post poems on website Poetry ru. under the pseudonym of Nabrosov. For a long time accumulating materials for design of drugs, also I have a lot of plans for ART projects, material.
Basically a graphical bias, schemes and concepts, advertising art, futurism, but without a lens. Photos will be after a number of draft. I used software, search engines, literature, materials, a little experience and the concept. My work is performed primarily as a naive illustration. Most of the works contain only original elements and ideas.
Drawings, illustrations, semantic projection, faces are united to theory, fresh sprouts, biology, ART,pharmaceuticals, biochemistry, biotechnology, nature, science, research.


 种植园化学结构 库存图片 种植园化学结构 Morpholides 免版税库存照片 Morpholides 甲基苯丙胺无色胡椒dol 图库摄影 甲基苯丙胺无色胡椒dol 化学结构丙氨酸莴苣 免版税图库摄影 化学结构丙氨酸莴苣 Cannabinzol 免版税库存照片 Cannabinzol 异构体, Fenoksoladol 免版税图库摄影 异构体, Fenoksoladol TropicÐ ¾ l 库存图片 TropicÐ ¾ l 番红花 库存图片 番红花 Kannabenzil7 库存照片 Kannabenzil7


 Rastabsinthe 免版税图库摄影 Rastabsinthe Benzuka 免版税库存图片 Benzuka 肮脏的斑点分子 库存图片 肮脏的斑点分子 Tropinamid 免版税库存照片 Tropinamid exahydro遇见zol的遇见Ð的½ 库存图片 exahydro遇见zol的遇见Ð的½ Carbiol 免版税库存照片 Carbiol Dimorfol 免版税库存图片 Dimorfol 胡椒 图库摄影 胡椒 Spirondamol 免版税库存照片 Spirondamol
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