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Vlad Limir Berevoianu


Bucuresti, Romania

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加入时间: October 14, 2013

Hi to everyone! To the designers: thank you! Also, for images you choose to download from my portfolio and use in Romania... is it possible for me to see where you use them? Thank you again:)
The Bible says God is light. I like extracting the light in things and beings. I also like night photography because it is there where one can truly understand the light of things. Darkness is fearsome. Add a little light though, and one can enjoy the spectacle of life. So, light comes from God and it is life's spectacle.
Canon Eos 6D Canon 24-105 f/4 Canon 50 mm 1.8 Nikon D5100 Sigma 17-70, F2.8-4
Romania Nature (mostly landscapes, or people in nature) Travel photography (architecture and tourists)


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