Steve Allen


Langton Village, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

在此期间曾被选为特色摄影师September 22, 2010 和 September 29, 2010

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I was a professional Industrial / Commercial photographer for over 26 years, before leaving commissioned work to become a full-time Stock Photographer. I first started shooting stock in 1972 as a supplement to my commissioned work, however, since early 2001 my entire income has come from shooting Stock images. I now have just over 100,000 image placements in my current multi-agency portfolio. Most of my income comes from the range of mainstream agencies I submit to. The 11 microstock sites I submit to now produce about 30% of my total income. Dreamstime sales account for about 12% of my total turnover. My portfolio includes RM, RF and Editorial images. Some images are exclusive some non-exclusive. Have a look at my list of 91 COLLECTIONS Check them out here ------------> Well over half of my work is now Travel or Wildlife Photography. I'm a 'travelaholic' and have so far visited 96 countries & territories on all seven continents, including both Antarctica and the Arctic (Greenland, Svalbard Islands and the North Atlantic sea ice). Steve Allen FBIPP, FBPPA(Grand Master), FSICIP, FSITTP, FSINWP, FNPS, QEP, FMPA. THE WORLD IS LIKE A BOOK AND THOSE WHO DO NOT TRAVEL READ ONLY ONE PAGE (Quote: St.Augustine)
Canon 5D Mk4 with a Canon 5D Mk3 as my backup camera. Plus a wide range of Canon lenses and accessories from 15mm fisheye to 500mm telephoto. I also have a 90mm tilt-shift lens which is really useful for controlling depth of field in studio tabletop work and for architectural photography. In the studio I use mostly Elinchrom lighting equipment. I also use a Hosemaster fiber-optic light painting system. My computers and laptops are all high-end Apple Mac Pro running Photoshop CC & Adobe RAW. Every image is meticulously retouched and corrected to the highest standards. I make a continual investment in new technology and have a 100% digital workflow.
Worldwide Travel, Wildlife & Nature, Science & Technology, Medical, Food & Drink, Ideas & Concepts, Architecture, Business, Flags, Industry, Macro.


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