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加入时间: February 1, 2017


My career as a photojournalist started in Israel, where I was born. While there, I worked for a variety of Newspapers and Magazines, including Hadashot, Maariv, Haretz, and The Jerusalem Post.
After moving to Canada, completing some soul-searching, and familiarizing myself with my new home, I started to work as a Freelance photographer.
I spent time exploring what aspects of my photographic experiences I most enjoyed, and which approaches resulted in some of my best work. It was obvious that because the candid, photojournalistic style was what I was most passionate about and this is where I would need to focus my energy. At the same time I found myself attracted to social and cultural issues; I was drawn to the cultural changes and diversity around me, particularly those linked to my own background.
Henri Cartier-Bresson, W. Eugene Smith, and Bruce Davidson are a few of the photographers whose work has inspired me. Similarly, I understood that my own drive comes from my ability to capture unplanned moments and genuinely candid life experiences that can never be staged.
I continued to work on photo-stories and projects. One of my earlier projects was called, ”From Hebron to Jerusalem“ which was published in the Toronto Star twice in two-spread pages. One thing led to another, and more of my work was published in Canadian newspapers and magazines, including The Globe and Mail and Now Magazine.
My work continued to be showcased in art shows and galleries, including the "Contact Art Show" and I was asked to participate in the art show celebrating Israel's 50th Anniversary.
At the same time I worked on other projects such as:
“Eye to Zion” “Multi-culture 2000,” and “Dreamland,”
The theme across all of my work has always been the spontaneity and the freedom to capture real-life moments. The foundation of this approach is based on my belief that there is beauty and uniqueness in every situation and life-form.
Nikon 800D and 28mm-70mm 2.8 Zoom lense. 35mm 2.f lense. 50mm 1.4f lense. 80-200mm Zoom lense. Olimpuse EP1 with 21-55mm 2.8 Lense
Street photography, pepole in action, Nature.


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