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Anastasiya Ivanova


Saint Petersburg, Netherlands

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We have art, Nietzsche said, so that we will not be destroyed by the truth...

Humanity in the universe.. it is easy to despair and feel ultimate small. There is humility in submission, and tenderness. But for me, who have a hearth and mind too small too encompass the whole of this creation, I seek consolation in the words of Nietzsche.

And you, ("and you beloved one," she said, while she got distracted by a tramp waving his arm so that she suddenly applied the brakes of the car too fast too avoid colliding and her fiend got a fit of laughter but it was holiday and who cared the world was theirs and they were each others) and you, you....

I beg you to forget about skincolor, and to enjoy tones and texture harmonize with background. Forget about wealth, and read stories of existence in the richness of faces. Look with submission and tenderness, try to encompass the whole of creation. (It wasn't a tramp, it was her brother.)
Canon EOS 400D


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