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加入时间: June 15, 2015

Photography gives us the opportunity to see our past and present, and to influence our future... that's why I take photographs. When I was young, I did not see well. The camera is the tool that taught me to see the world. Now, I want to provide images that excite, fascinate, move others to action, feel joy and wonder. Plus I sometimes take photos that show the darker side of our world especially the difficult parts for children and for our environment.
Nikon D750 lenses 24-120, 70-200 f4, 200-500. iPad Mini, Macbook Pro
travel of all kinds; water and water craft -- rivers, oceans, waterfalls, lakes; animals, wild and domestic;, roads, highways, harbours, transportation, agriculture, ancient ruins, ancient and modern cultures, customs, climate change, environment.

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