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Melissa Laundre


Bayfield, United States

45 个文件

18 次销售

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加入时间: October 24, 2010


Melissa was born and raised in a rural northeast Wisconsin town where her love of nature developed into her love of photography.

In 2003, Melissa began her career as a studio manager for Lifetouch Portrait Studios. The studio received eight sales awards that year and Melissa received a nomination for Photographer of the Year. Soon after, Melissa began photographing weddings and has since branched out to commercial photography, where she is also currently a photographer for

Melissa Lea calls Durango, Co home but loves to travel and works on-location with (mainly) natural light. Melissa enjoys offering clients her unique perspective in a casual, yet professional style specializing in:

Fine art landscapes
Children and family portraits, pets too :)
Senior portraits
Commercial photography

We know price can be a deciding factor in your decision. We have packages tailored to fit even the smallest budget. Contact Melissa Lea Photography for pricing or to set up a consultation.


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