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London, United Kingdom

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加入时间: March 23, 2006

I have been out of any real practice for more than 10 years, I completely ignored the digital revolution as I considered it to be losing all "real" control and felt that it took away everything I had learnt at college and 6 years as a freelancer. (I studied a City and Guilds Course in Photography, which taught mostly the basics of B+W processing, printing and presentation) I now take pictures purely for my own pleasure, and can rarely be found without a camera tucked away somewhere - I have become addicted again after so long.

My style is more "take what you see" rather than overly stylised images - I am still a complete newbie as far as anything to do with photoshop is concerened. For now the simple "convert to black and white" feature on my Sigma software has got me hooked!
Sigma SD-9, 18 to 50mm F 3.5-5.6 Sigma DC Lens
Black and White, Reportage, Candid, Close Ups


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图像供稿人 London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

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