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Aleksander Kramarz


Prudnik, Poland

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加入时间: November 21, 2015


My name is Aleksander Kramarz – I am a photographer by profession and passion - From 1994 I have been running my own photo agency Foto Medium,
and in 1998 I extended my activity setting up a travel agency –
During this time I've been in many countrys like: Brazil, Kuba, Cape Verde - Sal, India, United Arab Emirates, Kenia, Tanzania - Zanzibar, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy - Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Portugal, Madeira, Romania, Albania, Cyprus and many others.
On these trips I brought a lot of pictures that you can see and buy.
See you later on tourist trails with mixtravel.


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