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Krokstadelva, Norway

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As a photographer, I have spent most of my life with a camera in my hands.

Whilst working as a project manager in the building industry within Norway, I found myself traveling around the country, with Norway being one of the most beautiful countries in the Europe, I declared to always carry my camera on me.

Photographing Norway allowed me to learn skills witin the photography world and about myself, I have photographed everything from streetphotography to landscape and architecture, but my first love has always been wildlife.

I've extended my wildlife photography, not just from Norway, but now India, Finland, Hungary, Denmark, Morocco, Tunisia, Latvia, Lithuania and many other places around the world.

Photographing wildlife allows me to appreciate that we as humans are not just the most dominating specie of the planet, and personally, we need to learn to respect and care for all species of this planet.
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Nature Nudes Travel Architecture

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