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Although I was professionally trained as an Educational Psychologist (PhD, University of Alabama, 1980) and employed in that capacity by the Federal Civil Service until my retirement in 2005, I have had a lifelong interest in the art and science of photography. For almost fifty years, off and on, I have used traditional chemical processing methods and light-sensitive film, slide, and print media to create and produce my photographic art. Unfortunately, all my photographic equipment and a lifetime’s worth of prints, slides, and negatives were destroyed in hurricane Ivan in 2004. Since then, I have been able to gradually replace those losses with all new digital equipment, techniques, and media, and I am slowly rebuilding my photographic portfolio. My work is on display at local art festivals and agalleries. My subjects are eclectic, whether in studio or in the field. Although I have considerable training in digital technology and image manipulation, ny approach is to capture, reproduce, and convey the image the way he experienced it at the time it was taken - without staging, excessive enhancement, or distortion. I process and produce all my own work using archival materials and techniques. Originally from Birmingham, with longstanding roots in north and south Alabama, I take great pride in my southern heritage and my love of the South and its people. A local resident since 1984, I live and work with my wife, Jan, in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and I travel frequently throughout the Florida panhandle and southern Alabama and Georgia. My other interests include sailing, fine dining, gourmet cooking, and socializing with friends.
Nikon D3s


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