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I moved to Colorado 18 years ago and instantly fell in love with the Rocky Mountains and the West. As a family we have always been very active hiking or mountain biking. Starting around 10 years ago I started carrying a camera to capture some of the views we discovered. And so started my passion for nature photography. I started like everyone else with a point and shoot hand held camera and a ton of research. The research led to a tripod (always use a tripod!) and then my first SLR. Now ten years later I have a collection of camera gear but getting outside and searching for that perfect photo is the best part of nature photography.

When asked why I like taking nature photos I usually answer this way. It is not action of taking the photo, it is the calmness I feel as I wait for the sun to rise on a crisp cold fall morning or the inspiring beauty of the sun light as the light turns from yellow to orange to deep red. It is the adrenaline rush when you are photographing a brown bear from 40 feet away. It is the satisfaction of seeing that picture in your mind show up on the computer screen. This is why love nature photography.


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