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~About Me:
To fill my passion for art, I combine photography with graphic art and design. Having an innovative eye offers my clients a level of unique, distinctive images.

Escape back to a place, a time, or a memory that is important to you. Let me capture your moments of harmony, love, passion, tears, and joy, while you are in the moment.

Image Escape is located within the San Francisco, CA area, but Melanie loves to travel and is available for destination weddings and events worldwide. It gives her the opportunity to capture all of the things that she loves to photograph...ways of life, landscapes, and amazing moments in a unique location. Please call or email for special rates. I am available to meet in any area of San Francisco - so come for a consultation and stay awhile to enjoy the shopping, great food, and the fun atmosphere! Feel free to contact Melanie Solimine anytime if you have questions, to check availability, or if you'd like to meet with me to discuss the details of your day.
Canon Rebel Xti and Panasonic DMC-FZ50


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图像供稿人 Pleasant Hill, United States, United States

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