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Dmitry Melentev


Kazan, Russian Federation

10 个文件

22 次销售

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加入时间: November 25, 2008


The artist, photographer, in a photo since 2004.
Participation in exhibitions -
Kazan Art Gallery , since 2007,
Works in a constant exposition
On March, 6-31, 2008. All about the woman, National Art Gallery, Kreml
Publications: Magazine - Kazan, â„–1 2008, A sight through an photo-objective. .
Magazine - Fotodelo, â„–10 2008, still life "June boquet".
Publication of photographs in various newspapers and magazines .
Issued a lot of greeting cards.
The works in private collections in Russia, France, Switzerland ...


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图像供稿人 Kazan, Russian Federation, Russian Federation

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