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Matt Dobson


Charlottetown, Canada

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加入时间: August 19, 2009


I am a fine art and stock photographer. I grew up on a farm in south-eastern Saskatchewan. I served in the Canadian Navy for over 10 years and now reside in Charlottetown, PE, Canada. Photography is both a passion and part time occupation for me. I am currently a student studying Computer Information Systems and a husband and father of two beautiful children. So my life is very hectic...but wonderful!

I consider myself to be an artist; my camera is my brush and this world is my canvas. I try to create captivating pieces of art that simply go beyond documentation of an object or scene. My images are my interpretation of how I feel the scene should look like. I use various methods in the field and in post process in order to achieve this effect. It is my goal to cultivate a sense of wonder and invoke some kind of feeling in the viewer when they look at a piece of my art.
Nature, Landscapes, people


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