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Born in London, and raised mostly in the Devonshire hills, independent filmmaker Arthur Cauty is a self-proclaimed ‘non-drinker’, a pro wrestling enthusiast, and casual rock star.

Working across film, documentary, broadcast & stage, Cauty has worked with the likes of British funny man and political activist Russell Brand, World record breaking pop duo The Pet Shop Boys, the wrestlers of WWE, Miami’s World Symphony Orchestra, and international brands such as BMW, Mazda & Electronic Arts, with credits on programming for Sky, CNBC, Channel 4 & Eurosport. As a stock footage artist with ******** Images, ********, ******** & Adobe, Cauty has provided film & video content for Warner Bros, NBC Universal, FOX, Disney, ABC, Sony, Microsoft, Satchi & Satchi, & the NFL.
A Royal Hangover, Cauty's debut feature, was nominated in the 'Global Health' competition at the 39th annual Cleveland International Film Festival. The film, distributed by Journeyman Pictures, premiered in Los Angeles, and saw subsequent screenings & broadcasts in the UK, Europe, United States, Asia, Australia & Africa, with the Huffington Post citing it as "the only film about drinking worth watching”.
Cauty recently travelled the Globe to direct a series of international campaign films for the World's leading digital performance marketing agency iProspect, and then spent 3 months documenting an 8000 mile road trip in the American West. He is currently in pre-production on a number of projects.
Sony PXW-FS7, Panasonic GH4, Sony A6000, Digislider, Phantom 3 Pro Drone
Travel, sport, aerial, landscapes, time lapse, music, editorial, weird stuff


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