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Marcee Brightenstine


Tracy , United States

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加入时间: July 28, 2014


Put a camera strap around my neck and you take 30 years off of my age. I will walk for miles, climb rocks, mingle with wildlife and run across highways - all for the perfect picture. I drive like a maniac, make illegal U-turns, park in no-parking zones, make sudden and abrupt stops and have been known to hop out of the passenger seat of a moving vehicle - again - all in pursuit of the perfect picture. Have gotten a little too close to a black bear (not one of my more intelligent moments), have ducked under the yellow taped-off bear warning areas and have been reprimanded by park rangers more than once. When I'm taking pictures I'm sixteen again and immortal.

Wildlife and nature photography are my passion. The greatest gift our Nation has given us are our National Parks. Cathedral, Half Dome, Mount Moran, the Tetons are nature's cathedrals. A day under a colorful sky, high in the mountains is how I imagine heaven.

The pictures that I show on this site and my web-site are for the most part untouched, you are seeing what I saw. Photo shop and photography are two different art forms and when you look at my photos I want you to know that they are real.

I sincerely hope you enjoy these photos and I hope they bring some happiness to your day - believe me, they brought a lot of happiness to mine.
Canon EOS 1-D Mark IV Canon Rebel T2i Canon 24-70 2.8 lens Canon 16-35 2.8 Lens Canon 500mm ISO
Wildlife Nature Farmer's Markets Historical and Abandoned Buildings Landscapes


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