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Malcolm Evans


Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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加入时间: August 1, 2009

Have been taking photographs for years and years with my two Minolta Dynax SLRs, although I have yet to tackle the daunting task of getting all these into digital format. Initially tried digital a few years back (excepting the holiday snaps with a digital compact) with a F828, took some good images but the performance was very unpredictable. Have moved on now and will see how it goes with a Digital SLR before a final decision on whether to sell the Minoltas.
Nikon D90, SB600, 35mm F1.8 DX G, 18-200 DX G Sony W115 Sony P73 with Sony Marine Pack Older photos taken with Sony F828 Sony P92 and Minolta Dynax 7000i and 3000i (film)
Nature, Wild Life, Landscapes/scenic, archaeology, fish.

图像供稿人 Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

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