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Artistic Endeavours have been with me as long as I can remember. While I am out Photo-trekking I get lost in my work. Time seems to slip away, and I often forget to eat. When I attain “that perfect shot” my heart fills with joy! I feel this same joy each time I see those shots…even years later! Nature is filled with such wondrous perfection and I feel pride and gratitude when I am able to capture a beautiful moment in time which I can share with the world!
The Camera allows me to capture amazing moments and record scenes that will fascinate and uplift others for years to come! Nature is my favorite subject. It makes my heart sing, and fills my soul with joy. The ability to convey this joy to others through the medium of photography is absolutely the most rewarding feeling I could ever wish for with my artwork.
I don’t always follow the technical rules of photography. When I see a scene, I follow my heart. The scene speaks to me and conveys the message of perfection and beauty, and I record it with the use of my camera. When I work with nature I am reminded of the fact that there is so much beauty in the world, if you just look with your heart and listen to your soul, you will see the world with renewed vision.
When I begin my day of Photo-trekking I have a starting point, no set rules on where I will go during the day, or where I will end up. I let my feelings guide me. I know that just around the bend, is another splendid scene that is waiting to be captured! When I finish my long day, I am anxious to share my captures with the world so that others may feel the wonderment of the world that is hidden just around the next bend.

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