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加入时间: April 5, 2017


We are LIGHT WAVE, a company based on Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, specialized in providing professional Post production services, Video editing, Color grading, Visual Effects, 3D animation and Motion graphics and utilizing Virtual Reality 360 degree and Augmented Reality technology to create Advertising media, TV Commercials, Films and events...
Our team includes young artists, passionate and professional, led by Mr. Steven Vo, M.A from UK, commit to deliver the best services but with competitive price.
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We uitilize the advanced Virtual Reality 360 degree technology to create unique, fresh and effective advertising videos. Perfect for hotels, resorts, restaurants, coffee shops, retail shops, real estates, travel, events, wedding, party, birthday, conference… and other businesses that need visual advertising.

The VR technology allow you to observe the video in 360 degree view, with the content, descriptions, images and logo inserted into the 3D environment. All these elements combined to attracted customers to your business.

The finished VR 360 videos can be easily and flexibly uploaded to popular social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo… or used in your website or mobile app. Furthermore, the videos are proudly presented on our very large communication channels including Websites, social networks (Google+, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest...) and our Facebook fan page.
Ricoh Theta GoPro
Virtual Reality VR Illustration, Motion Graphics


 游泳池和手段的球形图像 免版税图库摄影 游泳池和手段的球形图像 公园和许多高大厦的球形图像 库存照片 公园和许多高大厦的球形图像


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图像供稿人 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Vietnam

 传统东方门和现代大厦在胡志明,越南街道上  免版税库存照片 传统东方门和现代大厦在胡志明,越南街道上  在胡志明市的美好的平衡的日落  免版税库存照片 在胡志明市的美好的平衡的日落  胡志明市博物馆 库存图片 胡志明市博物馆 对胡志明越南的交通 库存图片 对胡志明越南的交通 对胡志明越南,路的交通 免版税库存图片 对胡志明越南,路的交通 对胡志明越南,路的交通 库存照片 对胡志明越南,路的交通 对胡志明越南的交通 库存图片 对胡志明越南的交通 对胡志明越南的交通 库存图片 对胡志明越南的交通 胡志明陵墓在河内越南 免版税图库摄影 胡志明陵墓在河内越南