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Sangeorgiu De Padure, Romania

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I am a dentist living in Transylvania, practicing dental medicine. I begun stock photography during my studies in med school. With the constant help of Icefront I became a stock photographer. Although I am working as a dentist I never managed to detach from photography. This way I combined the photography and the health industry (general and dental medicine) and I keep uploading as my time permits. You are welcome to check out my portfolio. My photos where used by WHO, Yahoo!, multiple magazines, newspapers.
My models are my precious and beautiful friends too, who are proud of being my models. This is why they are so natural on the photos.
I would be happy to be informed of the usage of my photos, if possible, please contact me.
Photos related to dentistry in my "Dental didactic and marketing stock photos" collection. Please note that the photos made with dental photography mirrors are flipped in their normal position of the photographed teeth, so they look like you see them in real life.
Canon EOS 5D mk II (previously Canon EOS 40D) Canon EF lenses: 17-40 F4 L, 24-105 mm F4 L IS USM, 50 mm F1.4 USM, 100 mm F2.8 IS L USM macro USM, Canon 70-200 f2.8 II IS USM. Lightening gear: 2 Elinchrom D-lite 4, Speedlight 430EX and some slave flashes, dental photography equipment (Macro flash, dental photography mirrors, macro rings), camera and display calibration gear for natural, real and vivid colors.
Portraits, medical concept, health, elderly people


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