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Kiev, Ukraine

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I like what I'm doing and really fond of my job.

Education: Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine), an architect by profession.
I've always liked to draw, and even in my very first child's picture one can see me with brushes. I have been drawing comics, caricatures and everything that occurred to my mind.

Started my career at the advertising agency in Kiev, after that I was working as an artist-designer at the X-Life magazine (a magazine about extreme sports), as a designer at Afisha magazine (Kiev) and Man's Health (Sanoma Magazines ),

At the same time I was busy with the magazines illustrations (LQ Driver magazine, “Vlast Deneg”, “Companion”, Afisha, Men’s Health, Pink, X-Life and other)
As an artist-designer cooperated with different advertising and creative agencies ((Saatchi & Saatchi, Linea 12 / McCann Erickson, D'Arcy, Mex, Sahar, World Web Studio, Brand's Friends, Sahar, ISD art group..).
Also worked for Nike, DeVision, ?anadian Camper, studio Live, ABPG etc.

If I have free time, I usually spend it photographing, sculpturing or painting. Some time ago I was also drawing a graffiti and it influenced on me a lot. Snowboarding, kitesurfing and motosport are also important for me.


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