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Geert Hemelings


Sint-pieters-leeuw, Belgium

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加入时间: January 22, 2012


Geert Hemelings is a spiritual artist dedicated to being a source of inspiration and love.

Through the process of creating he would like to express his desire to inspire, to show people the inner and outer wonders of the reality in which we exist. To open up people's hearts to their own beauty and the beauty that surrounds them. He is dedicated to letting people experience a profoundness of being and feeling. Using his intuition and the visions granted to him by spirit he creates vivid images and brilliant depictions with a joyful play of light and color. Painting and photography are meditative experiences for him; each new creation enables him to reach the true core of his being. He chooses to empty himself completely before every new endeavor so that he can replenish his soul with the inspiring beauty of the moment. Listening to the guidance from his heart, he goes with his feelings to infuse his creations with the healing energies of spirit and soul.
Canon EOS 600d
Landscape, Nature, Macro, Abstract, Architecture


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图像供稿人 Sint-pieters-leeuw, Belgium, Belgium

 比利时的议会 免版税库存图片 比利时的议会 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月26日:在一条运河的桥梁在B 库存照片 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月26日:在一条运河的桥梁在B 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月25日:在Prov之外的老公共汽车 免版税库存图片 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月25日:在Prov之外的老公共汽车 Pivx在比利时旗子的硬币商标 图库摄影 Pivx在比利时旗子的硬币商标 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月25日:往钟楼的看法 库存照片 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月25日:往钟楼的看法奥地利比利时与 库存图片奥地利比利时与奥地利比利时与 免版税图库摄影奥地利比利时与 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月26日:在一条运河的桥梁在B 库存图片 布鲁日,比利时欧洲- 9月26日:在一条运河的桥梁在B 2018年8月-扎芬特姆,比利时:举行a的女性白种人手 图库摄影 2018年8月-扎芬特姆,比利时:举行a的女性白种人手