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Viroqua, United States

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加入时间: September 9, 2015

When I am creating art, I feel euphoric. Art makes me feel alive and more connected with the world around me. I feel I get the special privilege to create a lasting impression since I leave a little part of me in every piece of art I create. My art is something precious of mine that I want to share with others. My hope is that someone will look at my art and feel something -anything- for I believe art should illicit a feeling, a thought, an action. For me, being able to convey a message that creates a response in the viewer is the ultimate reward. The majority of my work has its roots in realism. Until recently, most of my professional career as an artist has involved creating portraitures which requires me to able to depict the image in front of me down to the fine details. My traditional art stays in the realm of people, animals, still life, and landscapes. I like to capture the mundane and the extraordinary. I like the contrast of light and dark, subtle and loud, calm and fierce. Like a photographer, I like being to capture a moment in time that can be viewed over and over again. When not working directly from a photograph or still life, my imagery comes from memory and my large imagination. Now with a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design, my work has expanded to other projects mostly focusing on Print Design. Coming from a traditional artist background, Print Design seems to suit me well. It allows me to utilize my traditional art background with my graphic design knowledge. I like the process of creating a piece of printed material from start to finish- from the hand-drawn thumbnails to preparing the piece for print. I like when all the elements seamlessly create a copacetic piece but I also like a challenge. As a traditional and digital artist, I work with many different mediums: art pencils, graphite, pastels, oil paints, graphics tablets, and graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.
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