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Krzysztof Janczewski


Gdansk, Poland

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加入时间: February 24, 2009

My name is Krzysztof Janczewski.
I live in Gdansk, I deal with photography for pleasure.
What more can I say about myself? I love photography, photography in my life is a very important place. I like to catch these (important) moments, places and shut them in the frame, memorize my emotions and thoughts in this way.
Photography: Sigma Sd1 Merrill with lenses mobile photography: Huawei P9. graphic tablet, some analog cameras, few digital cameras Sigma SD1, SD15, SD14 and software for post processing photographs.
I like draw ideas & conceptual illustrations, logo design and modern Illustrations. I like photographing people, portraits or people in the entourage. I like landscapes, architecture with details.


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