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John Paul Melendez


New York, United States

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加入时间: October 19, 2011


John Paul Melendez has been a resident of his community known as Alphabet City since his early years. He has lived on the Lower East Side, in this unique, melting pot of humanity most of his life. He shares his life with his beautiful wife Lili. His interest for photography began as a young man when his mother Rev. Laura Cotrich gave him his first 35mm camera. His passion for photography blossomed many years ago when he began to self teach himself about photography and its many forms and styles. Since then, his main interest has become Photo Journalism. His work has included photographing fashion, special events, concerts, including well known people in the music industry. His main focus is to capture events the moment they happen. Through his photographic images he wants his viewers to see and feel the story he tries to convey.
Nikon D700 Nikon70-200 2.8 vrll Sigma 24-70 2.8 SB-600 Nikon 50mm 2.8 Pentax K10 Pentax 18-55 - 55-200mm Pentax 50mm 1.4
Fashion, Out doors, and set Photography.


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图像供稿人 New York, United States, United States

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