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To me, photography is more than just a hobby. It is an expression of individualism – the thinking process behind the shots, the selection of elements within a photo and ultimately, the photographer’s very own definition of shot-worthiness. The end results – the photos – are merely a tangible reflection of that thinking process.

A photographer is never satisfied with his photos. He can be contented but for a moment and then his yearn for a truer portrayal of his ideals will drive him further. He is always going after his next shot in the hope that it will be the perfect one that truly reflects him but it will never always going to be.

He will seek but not find because individualism never stays the same. You are never who you are yesterday and you never know who you will be tomorrow. That, to me, is the fundamental reason why a photographer is never contended with his portfolio.

The next closest thing to photography, I think, should be music. Music can be an overt expression of individualism – just like photography. I can’t play music. That’s why I shoot.
KM 7D & Sony A700 + some good lenses
Landscape, Macro, Travel & Portraitures


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