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Image making is my passion, my life, my hobby and my career. It gives me a creative outlet that no other art form allows. I love having the ability to capture light at 1/100th of a second and have it last a lifetime. I strive to develop a strong visual impact in every image I compose.

My career has led me to work with amazing people including some of Canada’s Olympians and top adventure sports athletes. Connecting with the athletes in a truly unique way is what helps create strong images. The image maker and the athlete must always be on the same page. We must connect and think as one to capture the perfect image. As the image maker I believe it is my responsibility to adapt into thinking similar to the athlete. I must know when he/she is going to go left so I also go left. Connecting with the athletes is one of the most important aspects to me when I am creating images.

Every where I look I see things through a lens. Every where I go I make sure to have a camera with me, whether it be my dSLR or simply my iPhone. I truly enjoy making images in every day life, wherever I may be, which not only feeds my creative passion, but strengthens my professional work . My adoration and participation in multiple adventure sports also gives me the ability to connect on a deeper level with the athletes that I work with.

My work has been featured on the cover of newspapers, in magazines, in catalogs, on websites, and in an Ottawa Gallery.
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