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Playa De Coco, Costa Rica

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My name is John Michael Pierpont. I was born in Santa Barbara California in the late 80’s In 1990 my family moved to Costa Rica. I spent 9 years living 30 minutes outside of the capital city in a suburb up against a mountain. After nine years in Costa Rica we moved to El Salvador . I remember the first time I wanted to be a photographer. It was when I was going through my grandfathers almost complete collection of national geographic magazine. I saw the picture of all the amazing people places and animals and I fell in love. after a few years in El Salvador my family moved back to Santa Barbara where I graduated high school and attended college. I worked in the restaurant business for 11 years in town and just recently started making money taking pictures. I currently work for my dads coffee roasting coffee in Austin Texas and Costa Rica. Full time Photographer.
Sony a6000
Nature, People, Abstract, Landscape, Adventure


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