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Whangarei, New Zealand

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加入时间: December 28, 2008

Jo Chester is a multi-faceted Artist working with various processes: Printmaking, Photography and Painting.

She initially trained as a Graphic Artist, worked in Design & Photography and later moved into Teaching.

Jo holds a Diploma in Craft Design [Maori] working under the tutorage of Professor Robert Jahnke. She has also received a Bachelor of Art & Design with Auckland University of Technology.

Jo has exhibited extensively and holds Awards in all processes. She is a NZ Award Winner for the Telecom National Art Award. [1992 Bay of Plenty Regional Winner: Work featured on the BOP Telephone Book cover.

She is primarily working with traditional Oils on canvas at present and as a photographer, concerned with portraying glimpses of ourselves and the world we inhabit.
A small moment in time that is framed within our memory.

Her work is in private and corporate collections in NZ and Internationally
Nikon D70 & Nikon D90
Portrait, Landscape, Historical, close-up.

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图像供稿人 Whangarei, New Zealand, New Zealand

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