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Sandy Weatherall


Edmonton, Canada

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加入时间: November 2, 2016


Ever since she was a child, Sandy Weatherall has noticed the details. Her mom always remarked how she would find the tiny snails or wild strawberries when they would go on hikes, when everyone else was noticing the vast scenery.
This is why she loves photographing the things she does. It’s all in the details.
As a food and product and macro photographer, the details intimately bring people into the photos and allows Sandy to continue her life long passion of sharing the joy of seeing the world just a little more closely.
Sandy has worked in various areas of the photography industry since graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology over 25 years ago. However, her greatest passion is Still Life, Macro and Food Photography. Sandy has been published in food magazines and over 30 cookbooks. She also shoots restaurant menus, product labelling and marketing material for major food companies.
I shoot mostly Nikon and Canon equally, but put any camera in my hand from 4x5 view camera, medium format or any kind to a point and shoot and I will make you a picture!
Food, product and macro.


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