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Jimmy Jagtiani


Lucknow, India

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加入时间: October 27, 2010


About me:
First Indian Grandmaster Inductee in Taekwondo Hall of Fame, USA-2009.
Father of Taekwondo in India: Titled by the Hall of Fame, USA.
Founder: Taekwondo in India.
Founder: Taekwondo Federation of India.
Founder: South Asian Taekwondo Federation.
Secretary General: International Taekwondo Academy (Korea).
Secretary General: Taekwondo Federation of India.
Managing Director: Taekwondo Academy of India.
Former Executive: Asian Taekwondo Union (Korea).
Former Executive: Indian Olympic Association.
Grand Master: International Master Instructor.
International Referee: For Asian / World & Olumpic level.
Black Belt: 8th Dan Black Belt.
Black Belt: 6th Dan Hapkido.
International Technical Advisor: Kukkiwon.
Technical Advisor: Taekwondo Hall of Fame,USA.
Specialist: Physical Therapy & Acupressure.
Taekwondo, hapkido, Swimming

图像供稿人 Lucknow, India, India

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