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Hygiene, United States

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My artistic background began with photography at a very young age. I received my first camera at the age of 13. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed photography and when digital cameras came out in the late 1990’s I was an early adopter of this technology.

Through digital photography, I studied web and graphic design. I have been making websites for non-profits and friends since 1998.

In 2015, I finally decided to take up oil painting. I started with a few lessons through the Longmont Community Center and is now studying under Rick Stoner. Both my mother & grandmother were oil painters who started in mid-life; I seem to be following this tradition!

My love of animals shows through commissioned art pieces. I also love nature, but animals and pets are my favorite subjects. I find connection and humor in the work I create. The companions in our lives; the creatures that eagerly wait for us to come home even if if’s only been a few moments, minutes or hours are who I choose to capture in my paintings. Creating work where the soul and personality can shine through with a twinkle in the eye. To capture that moment when a cat, dog or even a fish has an expression that all too human, is very special. I am an animal lover and nothing brings me more joy than to capture these magic moments in a hand crafted painting that can be touched, shared and cherished for many years.

I am a board member of the Longmont Artist’s Guild. I am also an active member of Boulder County Arts Alliance, Arts Longmont and the Left Hand Artists Group.
Olympus OMD iPhone 6 Plus
Buildings, wildlife, nature, abstract, people


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