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Jennifer Ellison


Zillmere, Australia

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加入时间: November 8, 2008


Born, 1975, in the United States,

Currently resides near Brisbane, Australia

Jennifer began her career as a traditional artist, skilled in pencil portraits and acrylic and watercolor paintings.

Her portrait work was first published in 1995 in two sci-fi magazines. Since then she has done numerous commissions for weddings and family portraits. As well as illustrations for short stories, and character design.

Recently she has developed a love for photography. She and her husband enjoy the challenge of photographing untouched remote place. Whether it be the Australian Rain Forest, mountains, outback or a sunrise on the coast, they thoroughly enjoy the challenge and the beauty of each photographic capture.


The mediums with which she work are:

pencil: graphite; colored and watercolor

pastels: oil and chalk

paint: acrylic and watercolor

digital: photography, art and photo manipulation

This site is dedicated to her photography.

If you have any inquiries concerning her other work please feel free to contact her.

“Each trip to nature awakens our souls”
DSLR Sony Alpha 350
Landscape, macro, flowers, waterfalls, rain forest, lightening


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图像供稿人 Zillmere, Australia, Australia

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