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Spent 25 years in the Broadcast television industry teaching people how to operate equipment, including cameras. Have travelled to 50 countries and been taking photographs for 40 years. Even spent some time in the mid 70's as a wedding photographer, but wanted my weekends back so switched into video. Am available for assignments anywhere.
Nikon (both film & digital) Photography is a passion! Shoot Nikon with a D800, a pair of D300, 70-200 F2.8VR, and about 15 other lenses. Have Norman 2000 & 4000w/s studio strobes (12), three 1250w/s powerpacks, and ten 2000 & 4000w/s powerpacks, Metz Ct60 and 45 flash guns for smaller stuff. My images have been used by ABC Television Ch7 San Francisco, in 3 books on horse care, a book on the care of dogs, childrens book on turkeys, "Bow hunting for fun", "Pheasant hunting", Gardening, Moon travel guide on Scotland, Berlitz Phrase book on Cantonese, - book on Sedimentary Rocks, and others. They have been used on the following web sites: Fodor's Travel guide on Pompeii and Ephesus,, www.OhRanger a National Park web site,,,, City of Hayward, www.Hayward4Hayward,,,,,,,,,, and many others. My images have also been used by the Dept. of Fish & Game in California.
Wildlife, landscapes, travel, antiquities, people, sports, events, products, pretty much everything


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