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加入时间: April 1, 2004


Imagine a world with no visual information. A world void of pictures, a world where communication is restricted to speech and the written word. Imagine this and the power, indeed miracle, of photography becomes apparent. A tiny fraction of a second, captured, frozen and preserved for the enjoyment of many. As a photographer I am privileged to have the opportunity to harness and share this power.
Nikon D300 pentax 67 Polaroid
As a photobased artist in Sherbrooke, working in both colour, black and white, and alternative processes, part of my exploration has been to push the boundary of what is perceived as photography, in an effort to create a vision of our world that absorbs the viewer, and transports them outside of themselves. Manipulating Polaroid film (also known as Time Zero), as well as the beginnings of some work in Polaroid emulsion transfers and lifts, much of my work blurs the line of what a photograph is. Perception is questioned. Hand manipulating Polaroid emulsion gives me a visceral and intuitive connection to my surroundings. Reality is no longer a crisp representation through the lens, but becomes an altered state; moving, yet static. An intimate 3 dimensional world of detail on the surface of the image belies what we are taught to experience within the 2 dimensional language of the camera. A visual tension is born, as glimpses of a "photographic reality" slip in and out of view, toying with what is known, perhaps reminiscent of a dream, a place of timelessness.


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