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Abilene, United States

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加入时间: January 20, 2007

Since I was just a small boy I have loved to take pictures. I began with a Brownie box camera and that was a long time back. Since I have graduated to 35 mm and now to a Canon 10D with a number of lenses. I have taken weddings, family reunions, corporate parties and banquets, and other functions. I love to shoot wheather for stock or just for the fun of shooting.
I shoot primarily with a Canon 10D and my Canon 28-105 4.0 zoom lens with macro. I have a close up lens set, a 2.8 50 mm lens, and two other zoon lenses. I do not like flase but do have that capability. I have no other lighting set up.
I recently have begun to enjoy shooting sillhouetts. My favorite subject is anything to with country living, cowboys, roping, riding, etc.


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图像供稿人 Abilene, United States, United States

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